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24 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

Can you feel the baby reacting to noises and your caresses yet? Towards the end of the second trimester is when that starts to happen, so be on the lookout. Read more about this week.

3 mins to read May 29, 2018


As the baby’s brain connections get more adept at receiving signals from its receptor sensory organs, your baby is gradually storing sensory experiences - tastes of food that you share with them, your scent. They are used to your soundscape - your heartbeat, your breathing, even your stomach gurgling - and can distinguish this muffled interior hubbub from all the new sounds from outside: music, your voice, and dad’s voice. So talk to your baby. Tell them what you’re up to, what you see, what you hear, even what you feel. From birth, your little one will recognize your voice, dad’s voice, maybe even the music you liked to listen to during their stay inside you.


Mum is laughing – that’s great! Did you know that the baby is more and more aware of how you are feeling? Their perception is quite well developed in addition to all the other more obvious physical developments. Try not to overdo things, whether at work, in the house or during your leisure time. Even if you still feel perfectly fit, try to relax from time to time.


Unfortunately, pregnancy can interfere with normal bowel movements. We can’t stress it enough: a diet rich in fibre can help.  Fresh or cooked green vegetables, fruits, and lots of whole grains can work wonders. Drink enough water to hydrate. And try starting your day with a glass of water or fresh orange or grapefruit juice with the pulp left in. Soak prunes overnight to soften them and enjoy for breakfast with yoghurt – they are non-irritating, safe natural laxatives and can help with your lazy bowel function. If, despite these small tips, your worries persist, talk to your healthcare professional. Above all, do not take over-the-counter laxatives without medical advice.


To involve your partner in your pregnancy, especially now that the pregnancy is easing towards its last trimester, go to an ante-natal check-up or a discussion with your midwife together. Plan the nursery as one. And if possible, go to your childbirth preparation classes together. The idea is to make sure you and your partner spend some good quality time before the baby comes. You don’t have to look after a baby at the moment and your bump is still “manageable!”  Think about those classic date night activities such as going to the cinema, out to a new restaurant or even cooking together.