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25 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is the size of a medium sweet potato. They might be getting restless now, pushing with their hands and feet. Learn more.

3 mins to read Apr 24, 2023


By now you may sometimes wonder if your baby is taking salsa lessons in your womb. With countless inter-belly antics and at times constant movement from one side of their little shelter to the other, they will inevitably touch or hit your uterine wall. You will feel them touch and push with hands and feet, head or even their back. You may notice they are getting restless at times. Let them know you’re there by stroking your belly.

At 25 weeks, your baby is around the size of a medium sweet potato and is getting a bit restless. You might start feeling them push against you with their hands, feet, head or back.


Have you been sleeping well? Some mothers-to-be worry about the future responsibility; some mothers-to-be are excited by this. Either way, these thoughts can carry into the night and affect your sleep. Gentle exercise during the day, talking to your partner and friends may help you work through any anxious feelings.  At night why not try the latest sleep App, or meditation, to help calm and relax yourself before bed. Talk to your doctor if these anxious thoughts are worrying you.


Some women report not giving in to their food cravings because they think that the baby might get upset if they eat a curry. Not so! Your baby doesn’t receive that curry as a direct serving. They receive only the aromatic experience through your amniotic fluid. So go ahead, use the herbs and spices you enjoy and know that you can be providing some early flavour learnings that your baby may enjoy in months to come when they begin to eat some solid foods.


Ankles been swelling? Here are some quick tips for relieving the problem. Two solutions, each the exact opposite of the other. Either sit back and put your feet up or get out and walk! Elevating your feet helps relieve the pressure on your legs and ankles. And walking allows your calves to activate blood circulation and carry fluid to other parts of your body. If, however, you are concerned about swelling, or notice swelling in your face and/or your hands, see your doctor immediately. Some of these symptoms may indicate pre-eclampsia, a kind of high blood pressure common in pregnancy.