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How to get pregnant - Top 5 tips

Getting pregnant is not easy. And what works for one person may not work for another.

Here are 5 tips that could help you.

1 min to read Nov 5, 2016

1. Get the timing right: Knowing when you're fertile is key. Learn more about ovulation and try our ovulation calculator 

2. Eat fertility ready: Eating well and making positive lifestyle choices can help maximise your chances of falling pregnant

3. Consider prenatal vitamins - talk to your healthcare professional before you start your journey

4. Assume the position! – Women can conceive in any position during sex, we humans have been creating new life for thousands and thousands of years so don't overthink this one. Most importantly, know when you are fertile and enjoy the experience!

5. Relax & get in the right mindset – While mindset & relaxation aren't scientifically proven to help you get pregnant, the idea of reducing stress and being more relaxed can only contribute positively to your overall well being during this time. Consider meditation, checking in with close friends, yoga and other light reflective exercise to help take care of your mind.

If you think you might be pregnant check for the signs and symptoms and consider taking a pregnancy test if you aren't sure