PLAYING: The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

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The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy: weeks 23-27. Your baby develops movements that will later help them take their first breath of air in the world by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. You may feel rhythmic movements which is your baby hiccupping.

3 mins to read Apr 24, 2023

23 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby now responds to your movements.

The skin of your baby at this stage is wrinkly. This will change once they start accumulating layers of fat beneath the skin. At about 20 centimetres and almost 550 grams, you might even feel your baby move when you do. Be gentle with yourself.

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24 Weeks Pregnant

Hair starts growing now.

At around 21 centimetres, and around 650 grams with fat deposition yet to happen, your baby looks quite lean. Hair is developing fast although if you could see it, you would not be able to tell its colour as there’s no pigment in the hair just yet. The brain is growing rapidly and the thin, wrinkly translucent skin will give way to a smoother one in the next trimester.

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25 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s lungs are developing branches.

Your baby now measures about 23 centimetres and weighs around 700 grams. Your baby’s lungs are getting ready to breathe, producing branches and surfactant, a substance to help it breathe in the outside world.

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26 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby gets ready to breathe.

Your baby develops movements that will later help it take its first breath of air in the world, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. The nerves in your baby’s ears are developing and getting more sensitive maybe even enabling them to differentiate between their parents voices.

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27 Weeks Pregnant – The start of your third trimester

Your baby develops a sleep-wake cycle.

You may notice length measurements vary between websites and books, this is because your baby can now be measured from head to toe – previously, its legs were curled up against its torso, making it hard to measure. Weighing just over 900 grams and measuring about 24 centimetres (head to bottom), your baby is getting more and more disciplined. They sleep and wake at more regular intervals and perhaps even suck their fingers. You may even feel a rhythmic movement of your baby hiccupping!

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