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Empowering Parents Everywhere

Everyone has a different view on what it means to be a great parent, but in your child's eyes, you're already a superhero. We know first hand that parenting can be more complicated and messier than we might have initially thought. With all the external and internal pressures we put on ourselves, navigating this space can be difficult.

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At Nestlé Baby & me, we strive to make a real difference by empowering parents everywhere to make the best decisions that are right for them. We offer expert-based nutrition information, personalised tools, and parenting support across the first 1,000 days and beyond. We know there's no such thing as perfect parenting, but a supportive network can be the anchor we need to feel like we're "parenting like a pro."

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We know how you feel

After interviewing 8,000 parents across 16 diverse countries, we've been able to identify 8 universal factors that affect parents everywhere. So, no matter where you are in the world, if you're feeling the pressures of parenting, you're not alone.


of parents feel lonely in the first months after birth.


of parents believe becoming a parent is more difficult than they thought.


of parents from around the world believe everyone has a point of view on how to raise their child.

The Parenting Index, First Edition 2021, theparentingindex.com

Our values


When you put parents and children first, everything else falls into place.


Providing nutritional guidance, personalised tools and parental support to all families everywhere. 

Supportive network

Creating a supportive network to help make parenting life easier across the first 1,000 days and beyond.

understood parents

Making parents feel understood, respected, and supported in making informed choices that are right for them.

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