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26 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

A little ta-da moment for the final week of your second trimester – your baby will open their eyes for the first time around now!

3 mins to read Apr 24, 2023


Your baby’s head now measures approximately the size of a small orange, and they weigh around 800g. Their little body is getting chubbier thanks to fat accumulating gradually under the skin to allow for some reserves at birth. Hair and nails are well on their way and, under the gums, future ivory baby teeth are almost covered with enamel. What’s more, your little lodger is beginning to really react to loud sounds.

At 26 weeks, your baby is around the size of a lettuce and is getting a bit chubbier thanks to fat accumulating under their skin to give them some reserves at birth.


Aah, night-time. You’re finally about to go to sleep As your bump gets larger and larger, it gets more difficult to find a pleasant position to sleep in. The most convenient and safest position to lie in for the remaining weeks of your pregnancy is on your side. Lying on your back can place extra pressure on important blood vessels that are needed for your baby. Put a cushion between your knees to makes it a bit more comfortable, and try to relax, and sleep.


If you suffer from reflux and heartburn at night, try elevating your head a bit by adding a pillow. Try to have your evening meal be a light one, too. Pay attention to fats, they can slow down digestion and accentuate your digestive problems, and may lead to disturbed sleep. If too light of an evening meal gives you night cravings, consider adding a snack an hour before bedtime. Evening snack in bed, anyone? Don’t hesitate to take your healthy snack to bed on a tray if you are really pooped at night. Talk to your healthcare professional if you are concerned about these symptoms.


As much as you notice your baby bump feeling tighter of late, it is also getting a bit tight for your baby inside your belly. Your little one’s happy somersaults in a big bath of amniotic fluid will soon be over.  If, however, you are concerned about reduced movements of your baby, see your doctor immediately to confirm everything is okay.