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Food Safety During Pregnancy

Often there is a lot of advice on what NOT to eat during pregnancy - because reducing the risk of bacterial infection which can make your baby ill, is super important. Just as important, for the same reason, is safe food preparation and handling.

2 mins to read May 30, 2018

Here are some food safety tips during pregnancy:

Keep it cold
  • Shop with a cooler bag
  • Put any food that needs to be kept cold directly in the fridge
  • Only eat chilled foods if they have come straight from the fridge
  • Defrost and marinate food in the fridge, especially meats

Keep it hot

  • Cook/reheat foods until they're steaming hot
  • Make sure there's no pink left in cooked meats/fish
  • Look for clear juices before eating freshly cooked chicken or pork
  • Heat to boiling all marinades containing raw meat juices before serving

Keep it clean

  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before starting to prepare or eat any food, even a snack
  • Separate raw and cooked food and use different cutting boards and knives for each
  • Don't let raw meat juices drip onto other foods

Check the label

  • Use food within the use-by-date
  • Follow storage and cooking instructions
  • Ask for information about unpackaged foods e.g. ready-to-eat salads