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Essential Pregnancy Nutrients - Iodine

Do I need to take an iodine supplement? Learn more about iodine when you're trying to fall pregnant and during pregnancy.

1 min to read Oct 24, 2017

Iodine is a mineral found in plant and animal foods. Due to changes in the food supply and varying levels of iodine in soil in different parts of Australia, dietary intake of iodine can vary. Iodine is important for the physical development of your baby, brain function, and plays a role in metabolism throughout our lives. During pregnancy, women have higher iodine requirements.

In Australia it’s recommended that women trying to fall pregnant, or who are pregnant, or breastfeeding, should take an iodine supplement of 150mcg a day to ensure adequate intake. As with all supplementation discuss with your healthcare professional before starting.

Here are some iodine rich foods to think about including in your diet:

  • Use iodized table salt at home
  • Wholegrain Bread
  • Seafood - including canned salmon, tuna
  • Seaweed like nori (Remember food safety here)
  • Eggs


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