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Eating For Three

In a multiple pregnancy, your body needs extra nutrition to provide the vitamins, minerals and energy your babies need. That doesn’t mean eating triple the amount. It just means eating sensibly.

2 mins to read Nov 5, 2016

Pregnant with Twins?

Follow the same good dietary practices as other pregnant women – but take care in particular to eat enough protein, calcium and fibre. Your doctor or dietitian may also suggest you take mineral and vitamin supplements.

You’ll gain more weight

On average, you can expect to gain about 16-24kg rather than the 11-16kg for a single birth. You’re carrying a second foetus, additional blood volume, extra amniotic fluid and a second placenta – it all adds up to more weight.

Make room

Because of the squeeze the babies are putting on your stomach, try eating six smaller meals throughout the day instead of three larger ones.

Pack every bite you eat with nutrients

There are a number of important nutrients which your body will need to look after two little ones inside. Protein is a very important part of your diet during a twin or multiple pregnancy, as is calcium, Iron, folate, iodine and probiotics. So make sure you are eating enough variety of foods to ensure you’re meeting all that you and your baby demands.

Fibre, fluid, exercise and probiotics can help resolve constipation

Your uterus expands much more when you are carrying more than one baby. This can leave you constipated as there is not much room for your digestive tract to do its job. Eating plenty of fibre can help. Include whole grains, whole pulses, green leafy vegetables and fruits. Getting plenty of water and exercise can also help, as well as probiotics which contribute to healthy gut flora.