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Essential Pregnancy Nutrients - Protein

Eating a varied and balanced diet during pregnancy is very important for both you and your baby. Pregnancy nutrition is a big topic but getting started is easy - use the table below to familiarise yourself with essential nutrients and vitamins to include in your pregnancy diet and learn about the benefits for you and your baby.

2 mins to read Nov 5, 2016

So what do you need to eat for you and your baby – and why?



Why do you and your baby need it? Proteins are the number-one building block for your growing baby’s muscles, ligaments, hair, fingernails, bones, brain tissue, blood and other tissues.
Eat it so you can…
  • Build your baby’s cells;
  • Renew your own cells.
How much is enough?

You need about 60 g/day of protein. 

Try eating 100-150 g of meat or fish or two eggs every day, plus three to four portions of dairy products (e.g. a glass of milk, tub of yoghurt, portion of cheese).

On your plate

Good sources of protein include:

  • Meat;
  • Fish;
  • Eggs;
  • Milk and dairy products;
  • Legumes (e.g. soybeans, lentils, beans);
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Alternate your animal proteins: have fish one day, meat the next and eggs the day after that. Variety is the key to getting what you and your baby needs.
  • Consume vegetable proteins daily.
  • If your meal doesn’t include meat, have rice and lentils, or couscous and chickpeas.
  • If you are a vegetarian, make sure you consume enough eggs and dairy products.
  • Vegans may find it harder to meet their protein needs. Consult a dietitian or doctor for specific dietary advice.