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18 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

Lots of leaps and bounds happening in week 18, from nerve cells multiplying to the beginnings of fingerprints. Read more about this week.

3 mins to read May 29, 2018


In just one of pregnancy’s incredible facts, by this week your baby has produced most of the billions of brain cells that they will have at birth! Muscles are getting stronger, too, and your baby’s movements are more vigorous so if you haven’t felt them dancing around yet, you should soon. It all depends on the temperament of your baby. Other developments are taking place with hands - their fingers are developing little nails and fingerprints are starting to emerge.


It is quite unbelievable to stroke your belly and know that there is a person growing in there. And when you imagine interacting with this little person – how they will smile, what they will look like – it is quite incredible, isn’t it? Perhaps you know your child’s sex. Or maybe you are waiting until her birth to find out. Either way, it’s almost time for the second ultrasound scan. This time, your doctor will be able to verify that your child is developing healthily, but also whether it is a girl or a boy. Don’t be disappointed if you would like to know but nothing can be seen yet. Your child has to be lying “correctly” or even the most practised health care professional’s eye cannot recognise anything.


During the second trimester, you may find your appetite increasing… in line with a growing baby. Our National Health and Medical Council recommends the average pregnant women will require an extra 1400kj/day extra during the 2nd trimester, and an extra 1900kj/day extra during 3rd trimester. Remember, ‘eating for two’, doesn’t mean ‘eating twice as much’, however you may find an extra snack or two a day will help meet you and your baby’s growing needs.  Snacks of fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit, and low fat yoghurt are great healthy choices.


Been wondering if you can keep running during your pregnancy? If you've already been running regularly, chances are great you can continue as long as you feel good while doing it. Of course, speak to your doctor first. Stop running if: You haven’t been gaining enough weight, you feel nauseous while running or if you are showing clear signs of slowing down. In the last trimester, many women dial it back to fast walking. Easy does it is always a good rule when pregnant, but keep active.