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17 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

Your little one now weighs about 150g and is looking more and more like a “real” little person every day. 

2 mins to read Apr 24, 2023


As always, lots going on this week. Your baby’s skin is still very thin and quite transparent, with small blood vessels visible through it. Their intestine continues to develop and is now in its permanent place in the abdomen. Fingerprints are defining themselves with tiny little lines forming. All is as it should be.

At 17 weeks, your baby is around the size of a small grapefruit and gaining weight at a fast pace, helping them look more and more like a real little person every day.



For some women, the baby bump is now showing. If you have had a baby before, it is more likely that there is something to see. Everyone is unique in their pregnancy journey but this is the time when trousers or skirts usually get harder to fasten and waistlines are harder to recognise.


Satisfying sweet cravings during pregnancy requires a little more creativity than it normally would, especially if yours seem stronger than usual. There is no harm in eating desserts, as long as you don’t overdo it. To satisfy your sweet tooth while meeting your nutritional needs, choose fresh fruit, desserts made with milk, plain yoghurt, and dried fruits. Moderation is key.


Did you know your Vitamin D levels during pregnancy can affect your baby, so preventing Vitamin D deficiency is important.  Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, which is important for strong bones.  We get most of our Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight – now’s a great time to get out every afternoon or early morning and go for a walk.  If you have little access to sunlight, speak to your doctor or dietitian for advice on supplementation.