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17 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

Your little one now weighs more than 200g and is looking more and more like a “real” baby every day. Read more about this week.

3 mins to read May 29, 2018


As always, lots going on this week. Your baby’s skin is still very thin and quite transparent, with small blood vessels visible through it. The nerve fibres of the spinal cord are beginning to be surrounded by myelin, an insulating sheath made of a substance rich in lipids which allows for good nerve conduction. Your baby’s intestine continues to develop and is now in its permanent place in their abdomen. All is as it should be.


For some women, the baby bump is now showing. If you are very slim, or have had a baby before, it is more likely that there is something to see. For others, no one can tell by looking. But this is the time when trousers or skirts might get harder to fasten and waistlines begin to blur. Obviously, not every woman is happy about these changes. The best way of dealing with this is to stay fit, especially as this will help you get back into shape again more quickly after the birth. 


There is no harm in reaching for a treat food occasionally, but be mindful of portion sizes so you don’t overdo it. Ultimately, you want to leave as much room as you can in your diet for foods from the 5 food groups which contribute valuable nutrients needed for you and your growing baby. If you do feel like reaching for a treat food try and make them as nutritious as possible like desserts made with fresh fruits and reduced fat milk or yoghurt or dried fruits. Instead of ice cream, indulge in sorbets or frozen yoghurt. Pregnancy is a beautiful time, it is essential to have some fun! But…moderation is key.


Thinking about going on holiday and wondering if you can? You can still move quite normally and do almost everything you want. Things to think about: On car journeys, remember to stop for a break every two hours. That usually happens anyway, since the pressure on your bladder increases as your baby grows. Try not to sit for too long with your legs at an angle, and aim to stand up frequently. Traveling to hot countries can be less pleasant with a swollen belly. Consider the medical services and hygienic conditions of your planned destination, as they may be very different to home. Finally, always check with your doctor if you are planning a holiday that requires flying. 

Please note: If injections are necessary or you need travel sickness medicine, this must be discussed with your healthcare professional before you travel.