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How to Overcome Mum Guilt

Tired of battling mum guilt? It’s entirely normal, but pretty unhelpful if you’re navigating many other new mum emotions. Here are 3 classic parent guilt thoughts and how you can help manage them.

2 mins to read Feb 11, 2021

1. The perfect mum myth

Let’s get this straight: there’s no such thing as the perfect mum. Sure, you’ll make plans while pregnant and daydream about what having a baby will be like, but the reality is you can’t be prepared for everything. Every new mum struggles, so don’t feel guilty about not living up to your own expectations. If you had any questions or concerns, seek advice from your healthcare professional.

2. Self-care for new mums

Take some time for yourself. Exercise, spend time with friends and set aside some time for just you and your partner. If you’re feeling rested and less stressed, that makes for a happier, more energised you.

3. Working mum guilt

Juggling your work and home life is tough for new mums, so it’s common to feel guilty. If looking at daycare options, trust your mum intuition and choose the right one for both you and your baby. Share household chores with your partner, ask for help from family and friends, or consider outsourcing. When you get home, try and enjoy cuddles and bath time rather than running around trying to be superwoman.