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PLAYING: Breast Milk Proteins - Growth and Development

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Breast Milk Proteins - Growth and Development

Extraordinary changes take place during the first 1000 days of your baby’s life. By your baby’s first birthday they will have tripled their birth weight and increased in length by half!

2 mins to read Mar 3, 2016

Medical experts and researchers consider protein as one of the most important nutrients not only for your baby’s growth but also for their health and development.

This is because protein is the most abundant component in the body, next to water, and can be found in every cell in your baby’s body. Proteins provide the material for muscles, blood and skin and have many other vital functions – transporting oxygen, forming antibodies to identify and neutralise harmful substances and forming enzymes and hormones that communicate information to organs.

Protein is so crucial that experts say the quality and quantity of proteins your baby gets in early life could impact their future health.
Breast milk proteins are the building blocks of life.
There is no need to worry about your baby’s protein intake – breast milk provides just the right mix of high quality protein in the amounts needed for your growing baby.

In fact researchers consider that protein in breast milk plays a potential role in reducing the risk of becoming overweight later in life. Optimal protein quantity and quality supports healthy growth including normal weight gain, which is associated with a reduced risk of later overweight and obesity.