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Nappy Bag Essential Checklist for New Parents

How exciting! Your baby’s first outing with you. But wait! What do you pack in your nappy bag to make your mini adventure as stress free as possible? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

3 mins to read Aug 25, 2022

Taking your baby out for the first time can be daunting, and it might not go exactly as planned. The more you go out with your little one, the easier it will get. They’ll love experiencing the sights and sounds of the outside world, as well as spending quality time with you.

We’ve created a nappy bag checklist to help make it easy for all your days out together with your baby. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a trip to the shops or a small bush-walk, this list will help.

What are some must haves for your nappy bag?

☐  A few nappies and wipes for nappy changes, plus nappy bags for dirty nappies.
☐  Burping cloths for after feeding. 
☐  A weather appropriate outfit change for baby in case of accidents.
☐  Your baby’s blanket or swaddle.
☐  A change of top for you in case there are any baby vomit incidents.
☐  A water bottle for yourself so you remember to stay hydrated. 
☐  Hand sanitizer and wet wipes for yourself.
☐  Your breastfeeding cover if it makes you feel more comfortable in public. 
☐  A couple of dummies if your baby uses them, in case one falls on the floor. 

What should you dress in?

☐  Wear comfortable clothes with easy access if you’re breastfeeding. 
☐  Dress baby in weather-appropriate clothes. Layers are a good idea, in case the weather takes a turn or you go somewhere with air-conditioning or heating.

What about baby transport?

☐  Bring your pram if the destination is stair free. Remember the rain cover if the weather looks like it’ll be wet.
☐  Bring a sling or carrier if you prefer skin-to-skin, or if you’re going somewhere with stairs or hills. Remember to pack an umbrella for rainy days.
☐  Try to keep baby out of the sun because their delicate skin is extra sensitive. Sunhats can help, but shade is most important.
☐  Pack a bright pram toy for stimulation. Try hanging rattles or toys from the sling or baby carrier on soother chains.


Some extra pointers:

☐  Leave extra time for getting all your baby gear ready before leaving the house, or pack the night before so you’ve got less chances of forgetting anything.

☐  Try to set off shortly after a feed so your baby is happy to rest or look around. 
☐  If you’re feeling lonely or isolated as a new parent, here are some ideas to stay connected in your baby’s first few months.