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34 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 3

Things are slowing down a little in your belly now. That’s because everything is getting close to being developed! Your baby is around 45 cm long and weighs well over 2 kilos. Read more about this week.

3 mins to read May 30, 2018


Your baby will continue to grow but will especially become fatter. Its brain will develop at a frenzied pace and it is now ready to carry out the functions of the vital systems outside the uterus: it can control the respiration rate, coordinate the contractions of the digestive tract and regulate its body temperature.

As baby prepares for its future exit, its eyelids are uncovered and its ears are fully functioning. It already understands the notion of sleep and you may even start to recognise some sleep patterns developing.


In the last few weeks before the birth you should stay near your doctor or your hospital. You never know when your little darling will suddenly lose patience! Your body knows what it needs to do. For most of you, your baby will naturally start to move into place, your pelvis begins to widen. Does the baby feel particularly heavy? Your pelvic joints are loosening up, pulling on your ligaments. It can be highly uncomfortable. Your baby may have already started to go down into your pelvis, they won’t get completely in place until a few days or even hours before the beginning contractions of childbirth.



Finding your toilet visits are getting more difficult? It’s not surprising!  Apart from your growing girth making it more difficult to sit down, the increasing pressure on your bowels as your baby grows can also cause your bowel motions to slow a little. Regular consumption of foods rich in fibre (eg. Wholegrain cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables); regular exercise (eg. A small walk daily); and ensuring you drink plenty of water may all help to alleviate the blocking.



Around the 8 month mark, some women report what feels like contractions. That's not only possible, but right on time. What you feel, or will feel (like most women in the third trimester), are called Braxton-Hicks contractions, which last about 30 seconds each. It is not labour starting early. These contractions are your body’s smart way to "exercise" the uterus to get it ready for the big day. These contractions are responsible for "false labour". Having said that, always report contractions to your healthcare professional, if only to get some reassurance that everything’s fine.