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The Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy: weeks 32-35. A healthy baby will now weigh over 2kg. You may find your doctor's appointments become more frequent from now on as you get closer to the birth.

2 mins to read Apr 24, 2023

32 Weeks Pregnant

You can now see nails and hair on your baby.

Your baby now has toenails, fingernails and a hint of real hair. Their skin is softer and smoother and more baby-like. You may notice your weight is gaining at a rapid rate over the last weeks of your pregnancy – half of this weight goes to your baby, who will gain about half their birth weight in the coming seven weeks. All the fat that your baby accumulates now will go into protecting them, helping them survive after birth.

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33 Weeks Pregnant

Not long now until you cuddle your baby.

A healthy baby should now weigh about 1.9 kilograms and measure a little more than 29 centimetres (head to bottom). Your baby’s skin becomes smoother and the bones harden. The skull, however, remains a little soft to ensure a smooth passage through the birth canal. This becomes possible only because the individual pieces making up the skull have not fused together yet and they can slightly overlap during delivery.

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34 Weeks Pregnant

You’ve reached a crucial milestone.

Your baby will soon cross the 2 kilogram mark and should be almost 30 centimetres long from head to bottom. Fat deposits make them look chubbier and rounder. The lungs and the central nervous system are continuously maturing. A baby born after the 34th week will have a good chance of doing well, with proper nutritional support, and can even attain catch-up growth if required.

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35 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is now snuggly inside you.

Your baby’s physical growth is almost complete. Although they may still kick you, they’re now snug inside your womb and probably won’t move around and somersault so much. Weighing about 2.3 kilograms and measuring around 32 centimetres (head to bottom), their physical growth is almost complete. Organs, such as the kidney and liver, are fully developed and can function normally. Your baby will spend the next few weeks gaining weight rapidly.

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