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30 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 3

Every day, your baby develops more, getting ready to make an entrance into the world in just under 10 weeks. Has it gone fast or is the time creeping by for you? Every mum feels it differently. Read more about this week.

2 mins to read May 30, 2018


Ooh, what was that? Felt a movement that didn’t feel like your baby’s usual kicking? Your baby might have the hiccups. It can happen if they swallow too large a mouthful of amniotic fluid. You can feel this as well as hear it. Should you be worried? Not at all, this is how your baby trains their breathing movements.

This week, if you are having a boy, his testes are descending into his scrotum. Your baby’s eyes can now respond to light, and they can also respond to sound stimuli. Low frequencies of certain music and the voice of their fathers are particularly well-received, and can trigger movements and increased heart rate, visible on ultrasound.


A few weeks ago, you greeted the first movements of your little darling with delight. Now your baby’s gymnastics can sometimes feel less than lovely: your uterus has now grown so much that when they push against your ribs with a fast movement, it can hurt. Some mums start to report aches and pains all over right about now. The increased blood flow loosens up your joints, ligaments and muscles (don’t worry, they’ll come back!.



Chances are, you’re aware of the importance of fluoride for both you, and your baby’s future teeth. Good news is that the majority of Australians, around 89 percent, have access to fluoridated drinking water. Normal tap water consumption has you and the baby covered. If you have any concerns remember to ask your healthcare professional for more information. Remember, if you’re traveling somewhere new, it might be a good idea to check the tap water is safe to drink.



If your work requires you to sit all day in front of a computer, you’ve probably wondered more than once if it is safe for your little one’s development. The radiation from computer screens does not affect the foetus or the mother. Studies have clearly shown that there is no additional risk of miscarriage or any other problems during pregnancy due to screen time. Another item to cross off your stress list!