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10 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 1

You are already at week 10 of your pregnancy. Still another 29 weeks to go before you get to meet your little love. Learn more about what’s going on this week.

3 mins to read May 29, 2018



Your baby is really starting to resemble a little human being. Their face finally looks like one, with everything in place. Their head is still very large, much bigger than the rest of their body, but they can still turn it. Their body has lots of muscles and can wave their arms and legs, though not coordinated. In the abdomen, an over-sized liver is forming red blood cells. Their brain continues to form with nerve cells multiplying exponentially to establish the different neural circuits.


You were jumping for joy over the pregnancy half an hour ago and now you are worried to death? Yes, the mood swings during the first trimester can be quite impressive. If you have been suffering badly from mood swings or feeling unwell, there is good news for you. That will soon be over. In the second trimester, which is just about to start, hormone levels become more balanced again. That’s when most mums experience a feeling of calmer wellbeing.




Vitamin A is important when you are pregnant but in just the right amounts, neither too much nor too little. Confused?  In a normal diet you should be getting enough, there is no need to take supplements as excessive intake could be harmful to your developing baby. Know that some skin treatments that contain Vitamin A aren't appropriate for pregnant women. Foods to eat that will more than cover your Vitamin A needs, and those of your baby, are milk and dairy products, butter, eggs (the yolks in particular), bright vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, parsley, tomatoes or carrots, and orange and yellow fruits (apricots, melon, mango, etc). Talk to your healthcare professional if you’re feeling unsure.




You may be feeling nauseous. Yes, sadly morning sickness isn’t limited to the morning.  This nauseous feeling can be attributed to the increasing hormones in a pregnant woman's body.  Unfortunately, the nausea is an almost necessary step while your body gets used to all the changes going on inside it. There are some things you can do. First of all, try distributing your calories throughout the day by eating more mini-meals or snacks, rather than only 3 larger meals. One last thing to remember - if you're prone to vomiting, ensure you drink enough water to stay hydrated. Morning sickness can't be completely cured...until your baby's born that is! Tell your doctor too, he or she might have some other ideas for you - such as anti-nausea medication that is safe through pregnancy.