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11 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 1

If you could look inside you would see that your baby’s little brain has almost finished developing and their head is now proportionate to the rest of their body.

2 mins to read Apr 24, 2023


Your baby is now an impressive 5cm long, around the size of a fig and it’s another busy week inside you. Nerve cells continue to multiply even if, for now, there’s no connection between them. Once these nerve cells are connected in and around the muscles, your baby will have reflex movements inside you.

At 11 weeks, your baby is around the size of a fig and is becoming perfectly proportionate. They can turn their head and wave their arms and legs around randomly.


The waistband on your trousers if not already, is beginning to dig in and your regular bra size might be getting a bit too snug. Weight gain during pregnancy is very individual and will depend on your starting weight. Ask your healthcare professional if you are concerned about any weight gain during your pregnancy. Interestingly, the baby takes up the smallest proportion of the weight increase. At around 10 grams, your little fig is still a real lightweight. Most of the weight will be thanks to your expanded uterus, placenta and the amniotic fluid.


To help maintain your bone health, it is essential for you to eat foods that ensure you and your baby are getting adequate calcium. Milk and dairy products are the richest food sources of calcium. Think 3.5 servings of dairy per day to cover your needs. If you don’t eat dairy, your doctor may recommend a calcium supplement, just to be sure you are getting enough every day.


Did you know your baby’s taste for food will develop inside the womb throughout pregnancy? Taste preferences will be influenced by whatever mum eats during pregnancy and by the taste of breast milk later on.