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Maternity Leave

Financial security while you are embarking on parenthood is extremely important, so what are you eligible for as a working mum-to-be? You should touch base with your human resources department in your workplace to find out more.

2 mins to read Nov 5, 2016

In Australia there are many legislative initiatives which aim to support working parents when they are welcoming a new baby home. This may include paid and/or unpaid leave from work to help take care of your new baby.

There will be a range of benefits you may be eligible for. As government initiatives change over time, the best place to get advice on your eligibility for different benefits – including paid maternity leave, is to seek out your nearest Centrelink office or go online to the Centrelink website to see what you are eligible for. 

Current government initiatives you may want to ask them about include:

  • The Fair Work Act
  • Paid Parental Leave scheme
  • Partner Leave entitlements

In addition to what the government provides, you may also be eligible for paid and/or unpaid leave through your employer. You should touch base with your human resources department to see what the parental leave policy is and benefits that apply to your workplace.