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28 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 3

Your little one is around 35 cm long from crown to toe and already weights about 1.3 kilos, a third of their birth weight. Their little feet measure nearly 6 cm – yes, they are tiny! Read more about this week.

3 mins to read May 30, 2018


Your baby is getting more and more ready to breathe outside air. Their skin begins to appear less wrinkled because fat is starting to deposit underneath it. For now, they still take in amniotic fluid that completely fills their lungs and alveoli, which will subside quickly at birth.


Do you sometimes feel a tightening in your back or a hardening of the belly? That may be Braxton Hicks contractions. Not to worry, it just means your uterus is practising a little for the birth. Increased Braxton Hicks contractions can mean that you’re doing too much! Make sure you don’t carry anything too heavy and take frequent breaks during the day. If the contractions don’t stop or continue to get stronger then by all means, consult your healthcare professional (if only to reassure yourself).


Feel like you're struggling to get your normal size meals in? This may be because that little person inside is continually encroaching on your tummy space - leaving not much room for your normal size meal. Why not try smaller, more frequent meals over the day from now through to the end of your pregnancy? That way you can ensure you're still getting all the nutrients you need from your food, but perhaps without the discomfort.


You’ve probably been wondering what you actually need for your baby. Good question!

As far as clothes are concerned, you will need five to seven bodysuits or sleep-suits. Babies tend to bring up their milk quite often at the beginning – baby wraps are a great investment – they can double as a towel or wipe cloth just when you need it! In addition, you might need one or two little cotton caps, and socks, depending on the season. On top of this, equipment for sleeping, bathing, changing nappies, eating and playing among those first basic items. A little tip: babies outgrow their clothes really quickly – they don’t stay tiny for long! So don’t buy too much. Don’t forget a baby-seat for the car. You’ll need one when you both come home from the hospital.