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14 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

Your baby is about the size of an apple! Have you felt your little one move or kick yet? If not, you should be able to in the next weeks!

4 mins to read Apr 24, 2023


From this week, your baby starts to get a whole lot more active inside you, and their movements are more coordinated. Your little bundle now weighs around 45g and is about 11 cm in length. This week your baby’s toenails are beginning to develop and their skin is continuing to develop. Their thyroid works and is now producing thyroid hormones.

At 14 weeks, your baby is around the size of an apple and their movements are starting to get more coordinated. You might start feeling very soft kicks soon.


If you’re feeling good right now, and a lot of women do during their second trimester, take advantage of it. This may be a great time to travel and to do things with your partner. You might not be able to do it later on in your pregnancy. It’s also the perfect time to do things for yourself such as a visit to the hairdresser, or an evening out with friends. You got over the first hurdle! So, whatever is fun for you, take the time to treat yourself.


Fats and essential fatty acids are necessary in your diet. As 1 teaspoon of fat has over twice the kilojoules as 1 teaspoon of protein (e.g. egg white) or carbohydrate (e.g. potato), an easy way to help keep weight gain in check is to be aware how many extra fat kilojoules are added in your diet.  Here are some practical tips for fat intake:

  • First of all, use a light hand when adding fats while cooking.  Use only enough to grease your pan and explore different ways of cooking (steaming, baking) that don’t require added fat or oils.
  • Also, choose healthier vegetable oils that are lower in saturated fat, compared to solid animal fats such as butter or lard.
  • Some other fats are irreplaceable sources of essential fatty acids for you and your baby. Omega 3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a fat found in some fish, such as salmon, helps support your baby’s brain and eye development.



Thinking about going on holiday and wondering if you can? Going on holiday in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy is usually fine. You can still move quite normally and do almost everything you want. Things to think about:

  • On car journeys, remember to stop for a break every two hours. That usually happens anyway, since you drink more liquid than usual and will need toilet stops.
  • Try not to sit for too long. Stand up frequently, especially if flying (flying is generally okay until the seventh month but check with your doctor).
  • While travel to hot climates is not risky in itself, it can be less pleasant with a swollen belly. Remember that medical services and hygienic conditions may be different to what you have at home.

Please note: If immunisations or injections are necessary for your travel or you need travel sickness medicine, this must be discussed with your doctor.