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15 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 2

This is the week where everything gets set up for their sense of smell. Read more about this week.

3 mins to read May 29, 2018


Everything is in place for your baby’s sense of smell this week. Their thorax – chest, basically - begins to rise and fall. They are irregular movements for the moment, but it means that they can inhale amniotic fluid. It is through this mechanism that your baby’s olfactory system may start to “smell” your environment, driven by the aromatic molecules in the amniotic fluid. However, your baby won’t really perceive odours for real until the seventh month, when the nervous system is sufficiently mature.


You are in your 17th week of amenorrhea – absence of your menstrual period – which translates as your 15th week of pregnancy. Your baby should be making their appearance in about 24 weeks. You may be feeling wonderful, thrilled to be pregnant and full of energy. Although, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, like your body is not your own. Both scenarios are totally normal. It’s a big time of change and understandably it takes time to adjust - it’s not easy for everyone. If you are feeling a bit down, talk to your healthcare professional about it.


To avoid tapping into your own bone mass, it is essential for you to eat foods that ensure you and your baby are getting adequate calcium. There is calcium in milk and dairy products, but also in some green, leafy vegetables and in sesame seeds. Think 3.5 servings of dairy per day to cover your needs. Your doctor may find it useful to complement your food intake with calcium in the form of dietary supplement, just to be sure you are getting enough very day.


A lot of women wonder what can happen if they get ill while pregnant. A cold or a stomach upset usually has no effect on an unborn child. It is just important to inform your obstetrician about any illness because they will know exactly which treatment and which medicine will help a mother-to-be without damaging the child. Don’t try to choose medicine on our own.