Product CERELAC Infant Cereals
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Nestlé CERELAC Baby Rice Infant Cereal – 200g

Local guidelines support the introduction of iron-rich foods, such as fortified infant cereals, as ideal first foods. Nestlé CERELAC Baby Rice contains single grains and is rich in iron, containing on average 50% of the RDI* per serve. When prepared, it has a smooth texture ideal for babies from 4 months. CERELAC also contains probiotic Bifidus BL, and can be easily mixed with a teaspoon of your baby’s favourite vegetable or fruit puree for a tasty variation. CERELAC Baby Rice is not recommended for infants under 4 months of age.​

*Recommended dietary intake for infants up to 6 months

How to Prepare CERELAC Baby Rice: Video Instructions