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Why fatherhood begins before conception

Your partner’s diet and lifestyle can play a vital role in conceiving your future baby.

2 mins to read Jan 5, 2018

When talking about eating for a healthy pregnancy, mums tend to get all the attention. But more attention is moving toward a dad’s lifestyle and weight which might also be a factor in fertility.

The dads-to-be diet

Men who are overweight may be contributing to their infertility with their partner. Emerging research indicates that losing weight may have a positive effect on a man’s sperm count and/or quality. The quality of dad’s diet matters too, a healthy balanced diet will help manage weight and health leading up to conception.. It never hurts to discuss your diet plan with your health care professional before trying to conceive, to make sure you’re on the right track.

Eating to be your “baby-ready” best

Of course, it’s not all about him. What you eat and how much you weigh may also influence your chances of becoming pregnant. Research indicates that would-be mums may influence their fertility by staying at a healthy weight and looking at their diet. Eating foods rich in vegetable protein, such as beans; including healthy fats, such as olive oil; and eating wholegrain carbohydrates regularly, instead of refined or high-sugar foods, to help keep your blood sugar stable; can all play a role in getting you healthy, ready for conception.

Eating a nutritious diet will help ensure that when you do conceive, your developing baby has all the nutrients needed to grow healthily even before you know you are pregnant.