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Your Toddler’s Nutrition From 12 to 24 Months

As you probably already know, toddlers are incredibly active and energetic! For their body size, toddlers need to make every bite count with nutritious meals and snacks. In order for toddlers to get the nutrients they need for growth and development, meals should provide essential nutrients in a small portion and be served frequently throughout the day - typically three balanced meals and two or three nutritious in-between snacks during the day.

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Your 12 month old needs foods from each food group every day. Below are suggested servings for each food group.


Food groups Recommended serves per day* Serve size Serving size example
Dairy 1-1.5 250mL milk equivalent

1 cup full cream cow’s milk

2 slices of hard cheese

200g full fat yoghurt
Grains and cereals 4 40g bread equivalent

1 slice whole grain bread

½  cup cooked pasta, rice or noodles

¾ cup (30g) wheat based cereals

¼ cup (30g) muesli
Vegetables and legumes/beans 2-3 75g

1/2 cup cooked vegetables

1 cup salad vegetables

½ medium potato

1 medium tomato

½ cup cooked or canned beans
Fruit 1/2 150g

1 medium banana, pear or apple

2 small kiwi fruits or apricots

1 cup canned fruit
Meat/poultry/fish/eggs 1 65g

65g cooked red meat

80g chicken or turkey

2 eggs

100g cooked fish fillet


*The recommended serve sizes are based on toddlers aged 13-23 months as per Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.