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40 Weeks Pregnant - Trimester 3

Time’s up! If they haven’t already, your baby will arrive any day now. And then you will be a parent at last! 

2 mins to read Apr 24, 2023



This will be the shortest “Baby Development” paragraph of all time – your baby is ready to be born! No new developments, but your baby is still growing as each of you wait for the big event.



This is the last “official” week of pregnancy. Did you know that birth is just as much a real physical achievement for the baby as for the mother? Your child plays an important role by kicking against the uterus and birth canal and twisting their body around so cleverly to find their way out of your body. In a stroke of smart design, your baby’s two cranial bones have not yet grown together and so can press together during birth. The gaps between the bones in your little love’s head may only close about 18 months after the birth.


During labour and delivery, your obstetrician, midwife or hospital may have policy about what you can eat and drink.  Some may insist that you do not eat or drink anything, except some ice chips. This recommendation is based largely on concerns about aspiration of stomach contents into your lungs if you are found to need a general anaesthetic or a caesarean delivery.  If your doctor thinks you are at a low risk of complications and you are hungry or thirsty, ask your doctor about what foods or beverages you could have.


Congratulations and best wishes for this new adventure! Read our helpful parenting articles here.