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NAN CARE Probiotic Drops FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers about NAN CARE Probiotic Drops

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Can you put NAN CARE in formula?

NAN CARE Probiotic Drops can be added to infant formula, see usage instructions below.

Usage instructions
•    Use 5 drops once daily. Shake well before each use.
•    Turn the bottle to a 45°angle to slowly form a drop.
•    For babies, drops can be dispensed onto the breast, or added to breast milk or formula.
•    Drops can also be dispensed onto a sterile spoon.
•    No need to refrigerate. Just store below 25°C.

Click here to see usage instructions video

Does NAN CARE need to be refrigerated?

No. Store below 25°C

What is NAN CARE?

NAN CARE is a supplement range developed specially for babies and young children.

What Is NAN CARE Used For?

Nestlé NAN CARE Probiotic Drops are developed to support the needs of growing infants and children from birth. Each product has been designed using registered probiotic strains and is backed by 155 years Nestlé expertise in paediatric nutrition.

The range includes 3 products. Click on each product to find out more:

•    NAN CARE Probiotic Drops For Infant Colic Relief
•    NAN CARE Probiotic Drops For Infant Immune Health
•    NAN CARE Probiotic Drops For Everyday Gut & Digestive Health

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, can help improve and restore the gut flora.

Can NAN CARE supplements be used from birth?

Yes, all 3 NAN CARE products in our range are suitable from birth for all healthy term infants 

Where are your products made?

The 3 products in our range are made in Sweden.

Are the NAN CARE products certified Halal?


Once the product has passed its use by date can I still use it?

No, once NAN CARE has passed its use by date, please discard or replace accordingly.

Are there any known side effects of these products?

No. If symptoms persist, please seek the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Is it 5 drops for a newborn and 5 drops for a 6 month old?

Yes, it is the same dose for all infants.

I’m having trouble getting 5 drops onto my breast during one feed. Is it ok to do 2 drops now and 3 drops in another feed during the same day?

Yes, while it is recommended to provide the dose in one feed, it is ok as long as the recommended dose (5 drops) is provided daily.

Where can I buy NAN CARE?

Our range is available at select pharmacies and on our Nestlé Baby Store. Browse our range today.

My baby has had a reaction - I think it's the drops. What should I do?

Discontinue use for now and consult your health care professional.

My child is getting really fussy and has started solids. Can I add NAN CARE to solids? (e.g. custard, veggies)

Our NAN CARE range can be added to cold solids. Heat kills the probiotics so avoid adding to hot food.

Is the cap on the bottle a tamper evident one?

Yes, the cap on the bottle is tamper-evident.

Can I use more than one of the NAN CARE range at the same time?

No, you should only use one product per day to avoid exceeding the daily dose.

Is the bottle made out of glass or plastic?

The bottle containing NAN CARE Probiotic Drops is made out of glass.

Are there any allergens in NAN CARE?

NAN CARE products contain sunflower oil, medium chain triglyceride oil, the probiotic culture and silicone dioxide. None of these  ingredients require a health warning, or contain an allergenic substance, according to Schedule 1 of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (No. 2) 2018.

In addition, NAN CARE products do not contain any substance derived from bees (e.g. propolis), nor are there any common food allergens in this product (including the substrate on which the probiotic is grown).

What are the ‘common food allergens’:

  • Peanut
  • Tree nuts (namely almond, Brazil nut, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia, pecan, pine nut, pistachio and walnut)
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Sesame seed
  • Fish
  • Crustacea
  • Mollusc
  • Soybean
  • Gluten containing cereals (namely barley, oats and rye)
  • Wheat
  • Lupin
  • Added sulphites in concentrations of 10mg/kg or more   
What is the source of vitamin D included in NAN CARE Probiotic drops for Immune Health?

The source of vitamin D found in NAN CARE Probiotic Drops is derived from lanolin from wool of living sheep, making it suitable for vegetarians.

What is the benefit of vitamin D?

Vitamin D provides three primary benefits to infants and developing children:

  • Maintains healthy muscle function
  • Supports healthy bone development
  • Supports healthy immune system function
Is the NAN CARE Range suitable for vegans / vegetarians?

NAN CARE Probiotic Drops for Infant Colic Relief and NAN CARE Probiotic Drops for Everyday Gut & Digestive Health are both suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

NAN CARE Probiotic Drops for Infant Immune Health is only suitable for vegetarians, not vegans.

If you are considering a vegan diet for your child, please speak to your doctor or an accredited practicing dietitian first.

Your website displays 3 NAN CARE products, however, when I Google the brand I have seen additional products. Please can you advise if these other products are available on your site?

The NAN CARE brand is present in multiple markets globally, however, only the 3 products below are distributed in Australia at the present time that meet local product regulations.



Have you stopped selling BioGaia Probiotic Drops for Infant Colic Relief?

The branding of this product was transitioned to NAN CARE Probiotic Drops for Infant Colic Relief in 2021 with no change to the recipe.

BioGaia Probiotic Drops to NAN CARE Probiotic Drops

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