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What Support is Available If I've Decided to Formula Feed

There are many parents out there just like you, who have for whatever reason, decided not to breastfeed, and given this is to be an unlikely easy decision, it’s important to know what support is there for you in your decision making process

2 mins to read Dec 31, 2015

Apart from friends and family, or mums group companions who can provide you with support in your decision, your health care professional (e.g. Doctor or health care nurse) will be the best person to give you current advice on which baby formula may be best for your baby.

As the aim of the MAIF Agreement is “to contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants, by the protection and promotion of breast feeding and by ensuring the proper use of breast milk substitutes, when they are necessary, on the basis of adequate information and through appropriate marketing and distribution,” your decision on how to feed your baby should be respected by your health care professional. The infant formula companies ensure that the products they provide are safe and nutritious.

The ‘NHMRC Infant Feeding Guidelines’ is a report published by the Australian government for healthcare workers. This report highlights key points of responsibilities for Health workers, including:

  • Respecting and supporting your informed decision not to breastfeed;
  • Educating and supporting you about formula feeding;
  • They must know how to demonstrate correct safe and hygienic preparation of baby formula, including using the correct scoop, and how to feed a baby with a bottle.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Breast milk is best for babies and provides ideal nutrition. Good maternal nutrition is important for the preparation and maintenance of breastfeeding. Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breastfeeding and reversing a decision not to breastfeed is difficult. Professional advice should be followed on infant feeding. Infant formula should be prepared and used exactly as directed or it could pose a health hazard. The preparation requirements and cost of providing infant formula until 12 months of age should be considered before making a decision to formula feed.