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Want to keep track of your child’s growth? Log the weight and height of your child from birth to 3 years of age. The perfect resource for your next healthcare professional checkup.

What is a growth chart?

A growth chart helps you and your healthcare professional monitor the progress of your baby's growth. The growth of your baby is an indicator of their overall health and nutrition. These WHO Growth Standard charts reflect typical growth patterns of infants and children aged 0-3 years. Plotting your baby's growth on these charts allows you to compare their growth against other babies of the same age. These measurements are documented on the chart and let you see how your baby grows over time.

What are percentiles?

Babies come in all shapes and sizes. Growth charts use ‘percentiles’ to represent growth trajectories of different groups of children. For example, a baby on the 50th percentile line for height or weight are exactly ‘middle sized’ for that age. There will be 50% of babies bigger and 50% smaller than them.

How do I measure my baby?

After birth, your healthcare professional will use baby scales to weigh your baby with no clothes on. You can continue to use these types of scales at check-ups or some pharmacies also have them. It’s more accurate to weigh your baby with minimal clothes and no nappy.

When should I be worried?

It’s recommended to measure your baby’s growth to make sure that they are growing and developing along their growth curve correctly. With newborn babies it is common to lose weight in the first week after birth which they usually regain by their second week. Every baby will grow at different rates and these charts are only one way of monitoring healthy growth and development. If you are worried about how much your baby is drinking, eating or their weight gain, contact your healthcare professional. It is particularly important to contact your healthcare professional if you notice that your baby's growth changes dramatically to make sure that there is no underlying conditions affecting their growth and development.

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