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Pre Pregnancy
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Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Want to learn more about the early signs of pregnancy? Every woman is unique and different in their pregnancy journey.

3 mins to read Nov 4, 2016

If your ovulation & fertility timing is right it's time to start to look for pregnancy signs & symptoms. Remember taking a pregnancy test can help put your mind at ease.

Pregnancy symptoms

Some people say they feel certain they’re pregnant at the moment of conception, thinking they can already feel the very first signs of pregnancy. While for others it may take a positive pregnancy test – or two – to convince them. Missing your period and feeling a little unwell are common early signs of pregnancy – but there are many other early pregnancy symptoms that may indicate you are pregnant. Remember it's always a good idea to know when you're ovulating and take a test if you're unsure.

How do you feel?


What’s happening?


Are your breasts changing?



Darkening and more visible veins on your areolas (the rings around your nipples)

Your breasts can start changing soon after conception, becoming fuller and more sensitive. You may notice the small bumps around your areolas more – these are oil-producing glands that lubricate your skin surrounding the nipple.


Do you feel a bit queasy?



Morning sickness (and not just in the morning!) can kick in any time after conception.

Eat small amounts regularly – while it may be hard to avoid all the things you crave, try to keep your meals and snacks healthy choices.



Although fatigue is common in the first weeks, it often continues into your first trimester and may last throughout your pregnancy.

Take as much rest as possible. You may find that even sitting with your feet up gives you relief.

Feeling temperamental?

Mood swings

You may notice irritability caused by the drastic hormonal changes in your body.

Try to avoid stress, communicate your needs and pamper yourself. Remember, it’s a beautiful time for you and you should enjoy it!

Have you noticed spotting or cramping?

Slight spotting


Following ovulation, when the embryo attaches to the uterus lining, you may experience a light pink spotting. It usually comes around the time of your expected period and is not as red or heavy.

Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Are you going to the bathroom a lot?

Frequent urination

Early in your pregnancy hormonal changes may cause you to use the bathroom more frequently.  During the later stages of your pregnancy the increasing size of your baby pressing on your bladder will also make this happen…



Food cravings

Pregnant women often experience cravings or aversions for foods.

Try to opt for healthy snacks and meals to meet your additional nutritional needs and give you the energy you need.

Do things smell and taste funny?

Heightened sense of smell

Metallic or bitter taste in your mouth

Lack of appetite

Pregnancy hormones can affect your taste buds and sense of smell..Morning sickness may affect your appetite.

Try to keep to healthy snacks and meals and variety may be the key.

Does something else feel a little different?





Lower abdominal cramps and bloating


The hormonal surge of early pregnancy can cause you to experience many different symptoms.

If you have any concerns always consult your doctor.